Wendell Park Primary School

Cobbold Road, London W12 9LB

020 8743 1372

In 2015 Wendell Park achieved the 4th highest position in LBHF for progress from KS1 to KS2 SATS, exceeding national levels for Reading, Writing and Maths.




Julie Howarth - Executive Headteacher of Wendell Park Primary School and Kenmont Primary School


Rosie Peters - Deputy Headteacher 
Designated Child Protection & Safeguarding Officer and Shine Leader

Elena Hough - Deputy Headteacher



Upper Key Stage 2

Upper Key Stage 2 Leader: Jemma Johnson

Year 6 Staff:

Jemma Johnson - Year 6 Amethyst Class Teacher
Assistant Headteacher (Teaching & Learning)

Arabella Atac - Year 6 Garnet Class Teacher

Geography Lead

Year 5 Staff:

Ayan Yusuf - Year 5 Amber Class Teacher

RE Lead

Nick Morgan - Year 5 Pearl Class Teacher

English Lead

Carol Eavis - Year 5 Teaching Assistant

Juliette Lambert - Upper Key Stage 2 Learning Support Teacher

Lower Key Stage 2

Lower Key Stage 2 Leader: Chloe Harman

Year 4 Staff:

Emma Hodgson - Year 4 Graphite Class Teacher
Assistant Headteacher (Curriculum)

Charlotte Fairclough - Year 4 Ruby Class Teacher

Art/Design and Technology Lead

Kim Sweeney - Year 4 Teaching Assistant

ELSA and Lead First Aider

Year 3 Staff:

Chloe Harman - Year 3 Turquoise Class Teacher

Enrichment Co-ordinator

Victoria Williams - Year 3 Jet Class Teacher

Tina Batchelor - Year 3 Teaching Assistant

ELSA and Breakfast Club Supervisor

Jon Spencer - Key Stage 2 Learning Support Teacher

PE & Reading Lead

Lena Abu-Oun - Key Stage 2 Learning Support Teacher

Maths Lead



Magdalena Brytan-Grabowska - Learning Support Teacher 

(currently on maternity leave)

Rachida Terzi - Lower Key Stage 2 Learning Support Assistant

Key Stage 1

Key Stage 1 Leader: Martina Sladkova 

Year 2 Staff:

Martina Sladkova - Year 2 Sapphire Class Teacher

Computing Lead and Foreign Languages Lead

Rosina Permaul - Year 2 Opal Class Teacher

Read, Write Inc Lead and Music Lead

Rizvi Malique - KS1 Learning Support Teacher

SEND & EAL Teacher (currently on Maternity Leave)

Ida Afrifa - Year 2 Sapphire Teaching Assistant

Year 5 and 6 Breakfast Club Supervisor

Dawn Cook - Year 2 Opal Teaching Assistant

Year 1 Staff:

Gillian McCormick - Year 1 Aquamarine Class Teacher

Science Lead

Katie Syrett-Martin - Year 1 Paua Class Teacher

History Lead

Julie Stapleton - Year 1 Aquamarine Teaching Assistant
Abi Spurway - Year 1 Paua Teaching Assistant



Early Years

Early Years Leader: Ann Coetzee

Reception Staff:

Caroline Keigan - Reception Diamond Class Teacher
Ellie Crossley-Holland - Reception Moonstone Class Teacher

Forest School Lead

Chanel Bailey - Reception Diamond Early Years Educator
Tejia Henrie - Reception Moonstone Early Years Educator

Currently on Maternity Leave

Louisa Trandafilovski - Early Years Learning Support Teacher


Nursery Staff:

Lucy Honeyman - Nursery Jade Class Teacher


Ann Coetzee - Nursery Topaz Class Teacher

Early Years Manager

Jackie Smith - Nursery Jade  Early Years Educator
Caroline McCarthy - Nursery Topaz  Early Years Educator

Rachel Stewart - Early Years Teaching Assistant



Specialist Teaching Provision

SEND and EAL teacher: Rizvi Malique (currently on Maternity Leave)
Mr Round - Music Teacher
Amy Williams - French Teacher
Jonathan Crawford - PE Teacher and Sports Coach

Support Staff

Yolande Ogundipe - Learning Mentor/Attendance Officer


School Office

Barbara Williams - School Business Manager
Sandra Griffin - Administrative Officer
Amy O'Callaghan - Administrative Assistant
Tony Bailey - Site Manager

Mid-day Meals Supervisors:

Kim Sweeney, Dawn Cook, Tina Batchelor, Julie Stapleton, Carol Eavis, Julie Francis, Jay Cook, Shahanaz Saleque, Muzmmal Altaf, Somia Ahmed, Parwana Ahmadi, Marian Turay, Ida Afrida

Out of School Childcare

Roz Thompson - Manager
Playworkers - Julia Fry, Anne Byrne, Penny Bates, Sarah Chitty, Rebab Yassin (currently on maternity leave)

Wendell Park Family Centre

Julie Francis