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Hi everyone,

In light of recent events, our school is now closed until further notice. As we are unsure about how long this will continue, we have created this page to provide extra learning support for the children who are currently learning from home. 

As you are aware, we have sent home printed resources for those who are unable to have online access; if you still are unable to gain access, please email your class teacher and we will find a way to get more resources to you.

Here we will provide some extra learning opportunities in the different areas of the early years curriculum. We will have access to our emails (attached below) at anytime, so please do get in contact if you have any further enquiries. 

We hope that you all stay safe and take care of the ones around you! 

Best wishes, 

Miss Snipp and Mrs T



Things to look out for:
Monday- Book of the week: The book we will be studying in class will be uploaded in full as well as activities that the children can try at home.
Tuesday-Tuneful Tuesday: Where we will find a fun song on YouTube that you can learn at home to also aid their home schooling. 
Wednesday- Wonderful Wednesday: Where we will upload a picture from Tapestry of a child doing some wonderful work at home -Please note that due to Data Protection, your child's face will be obscured by a smiley face:)
Thursday- Thinking Thursday: Where we will upload a question (scientific or mathematical) for you to investigate at home.
Friday- Formation Friday: Where we will find a fun letter/number formation activity that you can try at home.
Also: Phonics Corner, Excellent Exercise Corner, Fine Motor skills, What's Cooking?, Calming Corner.

 Please keep uploading all your child's lovely activities to Tapestry as and when you can so that we can all enjoy and be inspired by your creative home learning!  Thank you!


  • Count for 20 seconds as you wash your hands after holding someones hands, after you've been to the toilet, after handling animals and before you eat!
  • Sing happy birthday twice to ensure hands are fully cleaned.
  • Follow the instructions above for guidance.

Here are some great videos to make kids aware of the importance of washing hands and for a gentle explanation to the Coronavirus.

Tom Fletcher's clever way of teaching about germs (you can try this at home!): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WVxMKpLLRoM 

StoryBots how do we catch a cold?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ECPrtjnoCg 


Thank you so much for sending in all your wonderful photos!  We had lots of fun putting them all together to create this lovely memento of Reception:) We have loved teaching your fantastic children and wish you all a very happy and healthy summer and year ahead. 

All the best from the Reception Team!

 Moonstone Class Graduation July 2020.pptxDownload
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 We hope you had lots of fun being creative throughout Arts week:)

This will be our last online learning week together of the term - we want to say a huge thank you for being so positive and supportive throughout this  unusual & challenging term and wish you all the very best of health for a happy and relaxing summer:)

Our activities this week are based around the wonderful book Eliot Midnight Superhero and we have also found some fun summer activity booklets and transition to Year 1 resources that you might like to do over the break.

Book of the week:

Eliot, Midnight Superhero: Amazon.co.uk: Anne Cottringer, Alex T ...

Eliot Midnight Superhero

by Anne Cottringer & Alex T Smith

This is a fantastic book about Eliot Jones, who seems like such a quiet boy, however when the clock strikes midnight...all kinds of things happen!

There are lots of activities in the Learning Ideas doc below to have a go at once you have read/listened to the story; can you remember what happened first in the story?  In the middle?  At the end?

What would you like to do if you were Eliot Jones?  

What country would you like to fly over?  Can you find out some facts about that country?

 Eliot Jones Midnight Superhero Learning Ideas.pdfDownload
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 Eliot Jones Midnight Superhero Story Questions i.pdfDownload
 Eliot Jones Midnight Superhero Story Questions.pdfDownload
 Eliot Jones Speech Bubbles.pdfDownload
 Eliot Jones Superhero Advert.pdfDownload
 Eliot Midnight Superhero order the story.pdfDownload
 Eliot Story notes.pdfDownload
 Eliot Superhero Luckily Game.pdfDownload
 Eliot SuperHero notes.pdfDownload
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How about having a go at making our own Eliot Midnight Superhero?  Take a look at the ones below - or how about creating a recycled junk superhero city to fly over and use with your small word figures?  We look forward to seeing what you come up with!

This week, your challenges are to have a go at some of the activities in the maths and phonics booklets below.  We have also included LOTS of fun maths themed activities below which cover a range of the areas and topics we have visited throughout this year.

 Help Recap Transparent & PNG Clipart Free Download - YAWD 

   IS...(requested especially by one of you:))

 Number 21 - Free Picture of the Number Twenty One

 Number Blocks Number Fan.pdfDownload
 Number Blocks Stick Puppets.pdfDownload
 Number Formation 21-30.pdfDownload
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Summer Recap Booklet below:)

 Summer themed end of year booklet.pdfDownload
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 Capacity Challenge Cards.pdfDownload
 Complete the Pattern.pdfDownload
 Greedy Monster Taking Away.pdfDownload
 Heavy or Light.pdfDownload
 How Many Feet Long.pdfDownload
 Interlocking cubes Number Challenge cards.pdfDownload
 Lightest to Heaviest.pdfDownload
 Make a Pattern.pdfDownload
 Monster Adding.pdfDownload
 Mystery Mouse Length investigation.pdfDownload
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Hello everybody!  See below for some fun phonics activities and some links to support learning all your letter sounds, including those special friends, tricky red words and high frequency words.  Keep practicing them as often as you can and don't forget to try and take a photo of your learning and pop it on Tapestry:)

Sound of the week! 

This week's sound is our LAST SET 2 special friend! Well done!  We have got through all our Set 2 special friends now:)

oy, oy, oy (toy for a boy

Can you remember what sound that makes?  Have a listen to the RWI links below if you're not sure and why not have a go thinking of words that begin with or have 'oy' in them?  

How many 'oy' words can you fit into one sentence?!  

Here are a couple of resources to support your 'oy' learning - good luck!

 Find Write oy words.pdfDownload
 oi or oy.pdfDownload
 oy grapheme workbook.pdfDownload
 oy words.pdfDownload
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Tricky words | Phase 3 Phonics | Phonics song - BBC Bitesize

As we are nearing the end of term, we thought it might be a good idea to have a recap of all those TRICKY RED WORDS!

We have put up some Phase 2, 3 & 4 so take a look and see how many you can practice this week:)

 Phase 2 Tricky Words Practice.pdfDownload
 Phase 3 Tricky Words Practice.pdfDownload
 Phase 4 Tricky Words Practice.pdfDownload
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Click on image below to enlarge:)

Your second phonics challenge is to have a recap over all those Set 1, Set 2 & Set 3 speed sounds so that you get really super confident with them all before you join Year 1 and can recall them for your reading and writing:)  Good luck!!

We have also attached a summer phonics booklet for you to have a go at:)

 Summer Phonics Booklet.pdfDownload
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Welcome to our Excellent

Exercise Corner!

We will be posting regular links here to videos to help you exercise, dance and keep fit!

Have a go at the video below - can you keep up with the Body Coach?

See if you can find your favourite Go Noodle dance or song too - have fun:)

Find your favourite Go Noodle song here:)

For our last exercise activity of the term, we have chosen one of our favourite upbeat Zen Den sessions!

Here we will be posting a fun educational song for you to try at home- film yourself and family members singing/dancing along to it and upload it to Tapestry! 


Make your own dice using these templates:

Go and like the Facebook page 'Miss Snipp's book worms' to watch Miss Snipp read 


Have a browse here where there are lots of eBooks you can choose from:)

Oxford Owl eBooks

Don't forget to login to ReadingWise too! 

There are lots of phonics activities that you can access for FREE on their website.

You can find it here:

ReadingWise website

Reading Like Proust via @ReadingWise #DeepReading | @LeadingLearner

Are you a reading SUPERHERO?  How many books do you think you can read in one day?  Or even in a whole week? 

We would LOVE to hear about your super reading skills and what books you have been enjoying - why not read Miss Snipp and Mrs T your favourite story and upload it to Tapestry?

This week, we have found a lovely and inspiring story, Riley can be anything by Davina Hamilton, which is a good springboard to thinking about all the positive things we have managed to do this year, despite all the challenges!

Riley Can Be Anything: Amazon.co.uk: Hamilton, Mrs Davina, Reinoso ...

Welcome to our Calm Corner! 

Here we will be putting on some links to mindful activities including yoga and breathing exercises, a little bit like our Chime Time and Zen Den times at school.

This week we have found some lovely mindful colouring and breathing exercises to try out with Ted:)

We have also put up some end of year/transition to Year 1 activities that you might like to have a go at this week or during the summer break.

 Mindful Breathing with Teddy.pdfDownload
 Mindful Colouring.pdfDownload
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 All About Me eyfs.pdfDownload
 All About Me Football.pdfDownload
 All About Me i.pdfDownload
 Getting ready for Year 1.pdfDownload
 My Wish for Year 1.pdfDownload
 New Teacher Transition Booklet.pdfDownload
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See below for some mindfulness colouring sheets.  It might be nice to colour them in while you listen to your favourite music or a special story - this week we have found some lovely colouring sheets based all around the theme of inclusion and recognising how special each and every one of us is:)

 Everyone Belongs.pdfDownload
 My Family Heart.pdfDownload
 We are all Different Colouring Pages.pdfDownload
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Keep a check on those pencil grips too - have a little read of the rhyme above to help remind you:) There are lots of fun activities you can do at home to help build up your finger and hand muscles and help develop those lovely strong pencil grips! 

For example, have a go at one of the cutting activities or try some finger gym with playdough; if you have some straws at home, try threading some beads or pasta over them, or try stretching elastic bands over different shapes objects - how many can you stretch? 

This week, how about trying to make your own bug/minibeast out of a recycled bottle top?

Or, why not have a go at one of these 10 lovely ideas you can explore outside?

 10 Challenges - Nature at Home HP.pdfDownload
 Bottle Top Bugs - Nature at Home HP.pdfDownload
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Hello everybody! 

As it it likely that we will still be having packed lunches for the first couple of weeks of the autumn term, we thought it might a good idea to start having a think about some tasty & healthy packed lunch options:)

Wendell Park School holds a Gold Healthy Schools Award and we have worked hard to increase awareness about how important healthy lunches are for our bodies and brains:)

Here are some links to some helpful ideas and in the doc below.  Please also see our website for more guidance and ideas:)

Healthy packed lunch ideas

BBC Good Food Pack Lunch ideas

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Take a look here at the Change4Life website for more delicious recipe ideas and fantastic ideas for getting fit indoors:)

Change4Life website

Something new to think about! Lab clipart science word, Lab science word Transparent FREE for ...



We hope you have been enjoying all these STEM challenges!

This week we have some new summer stem ideas for you - can you make a fizzy potion, make the longest paperchain ever (a good way to recycle paper!) or build a raft?  See below for pdf and good luck!

Summer Science Challenges – Science Experiments for Kids

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What are you talking about?!

Have you had a good chat today?

It's good to talk and we would love to hear what you have been chatting and thinking about:)

We love this story told by the author herself who is a wonderful storyteller!  These events really happened to Rukhsana Khan when she came, with her parents, from Pakistan to live in Canada.  She talks about how strange all the traditions and customs of this new country were to her and her parents - take a listen:)

Big Red Lollipop - Booksource

Have a listen here too, where you can see the pages of the book:)

We have been reflecting and thinking about how wonderful it is that we are all different and yet all the same in so many ways too. 

Here are a few resources to celebrate our diversity and how wonderful each and every one of us is:)

We Are All Different Cartoon Clipart , Png Download ...

 Proud to be ME colouring.pdfDownload
 Proud to be ME.pdfDownload
 Say YES colouring.pdfDownload
 Say YES.pdfDownload
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 I am an amazing person.pdfDownload
 Inspirational People ppt.pdfDownload
 We are all Different Discussion Cards.pdfDownload
 What Makes You Special ppt.pdfDownload
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This website has lots of amazing information about children who have done inspirational things.  Who do you think is inspirational?

40 Children who Changed the World

 You are a Hero.pdfDownload
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Friendship Flower Activity

What makes a good friend?

See if you can think of a word to write on each petal:)

Flower Kindness Craft for Friends to Share

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