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Hi everyone,

In the event that your child has a period of absence from school or your child's bubble at school is closed for a period of time, we will be uploading various different activities, resources and learning ideas to this page on the website.

We will also be loading weekly phonics & maths activities onto Google Classroom.  Please use your USO google login info to access these resources.

Busy Things offers lots of phonics, maths and other activities/games as an additional resource for your child's learning.  You will need your Google Classroom USO login for Busy Things, however you only need the initial part of your login, e.g. pbrown006.205 not pbrown006.205@wendelpark.lbhf.sch.uk

The password is the SAME as your USO Google Classroom password.

Please read document below for more information about how to log in to Busy Things.

Best wishes, 

Miss Snipp and Mrs T



 Reception online learning USO busythings instructions.pdfDownload
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 Please keep uploading all your child's lovely activities to Tapestry as and when you can so that we can all enjoy and be inspired by your creative home learning!  Thank you!


  • Count for 20 seconds as you wash your hands after holding someones hands, after you've been to the toilet, after handling animals and before you eat!
  • Sing happy birthday twice to ensure hands are fully cleaned.
  • Follow the instructions above for guidance.

Here are some great videos to make kids aware of the importance of washing hands and for a gentle explanation to the Coronavirus.

Tom Fletcher's clever way of teaching about germs (you can try this at home!): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WVxMKpLLRoM 

StoryBots how do we catch a cold?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ECPrtjnoCg 

Monday 1st March 2021

Please watch the video below for this week's assembly led by Mrs Hough :)

Welcome back to Spring 2 everybody! 

We hope you had a lovely half term:) 

Our topic for this half term is FOOD! You are what you eat!  Our parent letter and mind map are below:

 Food mindmap 2021.pdfDownload
 Parent Letter Spr 2 2021.pdfDownload
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 Book of the week (wb 15/03/2021 )

No Dinner!  by Jessica Souhami

This week's wonderful story is based on a popular folk tale, The Old Woman and the Pumpkin, which is told across the Indian subcontinent.  Folktales are a kind of story that have been passed on from generation to generation and they do not really have a single author.  They develop as people tell them over time - they are creations of 'the folk' or 'the people'.  Many folktales are very old.  For generations they have been spoken aloud and not written down in books like other stories.  Storytellers would memorise the stories and keep them alive.

Can you remember a story in your head?  How about having a go at being a storyteller? 

See if you can tell somebody at home a version of your favourite story - remember, it doesn't have to be exactly right - that's the fun about story telling - they change a little each time you tell them:)

This week, we have suggested some activities you might like to try each day - feel free to pick & choose or mix them up and do them in any order:)

MONDAY: Have a listen carefully to the story (see above for video).  Then take a listen to this other version of the old lady and the pumpkin folktale, told by a real storyteller!  Are they they same?  Which one did you like better? 

Then, go back to our story of the week and see if you can have a go at answering some of the questions in the pdf below:)

 No Dinner ideas for Reception.pdfDownload
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TUESDAY: Have another listen to the story.  Using the pics in the doc below, can you have a go at making your own No Dinner story?  Can you remember which animal jumped out at the old lady first?  Then what happened?

Have a go at writing the names of the animals and some of the key phrases, e.g:


Old woman, I am going to eat you up!  

But look at me - I am skin and bone.

Can you eat me on my way home.  I will be nice and fat.

Use your Fred fingers and sounds to help you.  Look out for special friends and tricky red words.

Check your pencil grip before your start (take a look below for some guidance about pencil grips:))

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WEDNESDAY: Where does this story take place?  Have you guessed yet?  See if you can find out some information about India.  Here is a video about a little girl from India:

CBeebies Where in the World?

Can you remember the 3 animals that feature in the story (apart from the old woman's dog:)) - which one would you like to find out more info about?  See if you can make a little fact file about your chosen animal.  Here are some ideas to get you started:)

Here is Andy finding out all about tigers on his wild adventures!

Andy's Adventures with Tigers

Andy and the Grizzly Bears

 All About India ppt.pdfDownload
 India Colouring Pages.pdfDownload
 India Word mat.pdfDownload
 My animal Fact File.pdfDownload
 Where is India.pdfDownload
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THURSDAY:  When the old woman reaches her granddaughter, she enjoys a wonderful feast!  What do you think you would like to eat after crossing the forest and tricking all those animals?!

Have a think and see if you can draw a pic of your feast and write down some of the items:)

 My Feast page borders.pdfDownload
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FRIDAY:  Can you have a go at drawing a wolf, tiger or bear?  Take a look at the videos below to show you how or have a go by yourself:)  Or how about making a peg wolf, playdough brown bear or origami tiger face?!  Good luck:)

This week, we are also having a little focus and refresher on our pencil grips and letter formation!  Take a look at the pencil grip progression chart below for some helpful info. 

We are working towards having a static tripod (3 finger) grip - have a little check before starting mark making or writing - please don't worry if your child is still using 4 fingers - it will come:)  Some gentle reminders and increasing awareness little and often will help.

  Here are some pencil control and letter formation activities to have a go at - we are beginning to have a go at uppercase (capital) letters too.

 Early Years Pencil Grip info for parents.pdfDownload
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 Indoor fine motor skills activities.pdfDownload
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 EYFS Chameleon Patterns Pencil Control Activity.pdfDownload
 EYFS Giraffe Patterns Pencil Control Activity.pdfDownload
 EYFS Parrot Patterns Pencil Control Activity.pdfDownload
 EYFS Snake Patterns Pencil Control Activity.pdfDownload
 EYFS Tiger Patterns Pencil Control Activity.pdfDownload
 EYFS Zebra Patterns Pencil Control Activity.pdfDownload
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 Handwriting activity sheets.pdfDownload
 Letter formation.pdfDownload
 Upper Lower case poster.pdfDownload
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Last week at school we had lots of fun investigating sharing equally, halving and discovering the differences and patterns between odd and even numbers!

This week we are beginning to look at doubling.  Take a look at the Oak Academy's lessons on doubling and the videos below.

Oak Academy Doubling lessons

We have suggested some activities to try each day:)  

MONDAY: Watch the video below see if you can have a go at one of the activities suggested in the video.  We love the mirror one!  Can you try writing some doubling number sentences too?  2+2=4  How many can you come up with?  We have put some domino and dice templates for you to use:)

TUESDAY: Take a look at the doubling video below and see if you can have a go at the doubling circles - take a photo and let us see your fab work on Tapestry:)

 Dice Net template.pdfDownload
 Printable Dominoes.pdfDownload
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WEDNESDAY: Can you complete the butterfly doubling activity sheets?

 Butterfly Doubles to 20.pdfDownload
 Butterfly Doubles.pdfDownload
 Counting Number shape doubles to 20.pdfDownload
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THURSDAY: Have a go at completing some of these doubling home learning challenges!

 Home Learning Doubling Challenges.pdfDownload
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FRIDAY: How about taking the doubling machine challenge?!  Take a look at the activity below and see if you can make one too:)

 Doubling Machine.pdfDownload
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And if you would like some more challenges:

 Ladybird doubles to 10.pdfDownload
 Ladybird doubles to 20.pdfDownload
 Pirate Doubles activity.pdfDownload
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This week we have some colourful rainbow Lego challenges for you!


Choose one and let us know how you get on (click on image to enlarge).

This term we will be looking at our topic of FOOD.

Are you hungry? Whats  your favourite thing to eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner?

One of our friends from Diamond class helped her family to make some delicious dinner. It looks so tasty! Have you helped your grown up to make a food for the family? Show us your fabulous creations on Tapestry. Why don't you watch some big cook little cook for some fun recipe ideas!?

Last week in science week we had a go at growing some tasty cress. Watch Mr Bloom from 'Mr Blooms nursery' to have a go at growing some cress at home- Show us what you have been up to on Tapestry :) 

On a large piece of paper place some of your favourite stickers all over the page, then take a bright coloured pen or pencil and see if you can carefully join the dots, take your time and make the lines as straight as possible. Show us your creations on Tapestry :)

When grandma gives you a Lemon Tree

By Jamie L B Deeniham

Go and like the Facebook page 'Miss Snipp's book worms' to watch Miss Snipp read you a new book every week


Have a browse here where there are lots of eBooks you can choose from:)

Oxford Owl eBooks

BookTrust books online

Hungry Little Minds

For more information of how we teach Read Write inc phonics at school go to this link and if you have any questions ask Miss Snipp or Mrs T: https://home.oxfordowl.co.uk/reading/reading-schemes-oxford-levels/read-write-inc-phonics-guide/ 

This term we will be sharing some fun physical phonics activities you can try at home- write a sound onto a piece of paper and then stick them onto some empty bottles. Make a hoop out of some cardboard or tin foil, toss the hoop to put onto one of the bottles and shout the sound it lands on as loudly as you can- Have fun!

Watch out for some fun tricky word activities below...

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Inspired by ''FOOD" here is an activity you can try:

Why don't you make your own mud kitchen out of old pots and pans! Use mud, water, leaves, sticks and stones to make your own mud soup :)

Hello everybody!

As our folk tale this week is from India, we have some Indian recipes for you to have a go at:)

Let us know how you get on! 

 Delicious Chapattis.pdfDownload
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Take a look here at the Change4Life website for more delicious recipe ideas and fantastic ideas for getting fit indoors:)

Change4Life website

Have you had a good chat today?

It's good to talk and we would love to hear what you have been chatting and thinking about:)

As our story this week is an Indian folk tale, we thought it would be interesting to listen to another folk tale or two, this time from Africa & India.  If you can, find somebody at home to listen to these tales with - what do you think they are about?  Do you think there is a message behind the tale? Which was your favourite animal in the First Music tale? Can you think of any more folktales that you know?

See if you can have a good chat about them:)

Last week in school, we were doing lots of planting, including some peas and beans!  Don't worry, we have asked for somebody to water our pots while we are at home this week:)

Here are some activities to have a go at all about the life cycle of a bean - take a look at the amazing time lapse video below which gives you an idea what is happening in your pots at school, day by day - if you have any beans at home, why not grow your own in a jar or pot at home?

Bean in a jar

 Bean Life Cycle i.pdfDownload
 Bean Life Cycle info .pdfDownload
 Bean Life Cycle.pdfDownload
 Plant growth Sort and explain.pdfDownload
 Plant Life Cycle pencil control activity.pdfDownload
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This week we have a lovely story time yoga session for you based around the story 'Never Tickle a Tiger!' - have fun!