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Hi everyone,

In light of recent events, our school is now closed until further notice. As we are unsure about how long this will continue, we have created this page to provide extra learning support for the children who are currently learning from home. 

As you are aware, we have sent home printed resources for those who are unable to have online access; if you still are unable to gain access, please email your class teacher and we will find a way to get more resources to you.

Here we will provide some extra learning opportunities in relation to our class book of the week and any upcoming celebrations that can be enjoyed from home (e.g. Mother's Day or Easter). We will have access to our emails (attached below) at anytime, so please do get in contact if you have any further enquiries. 

We hope that you all stay safe and take care of the ones around you! 

Best wishes, 

Miss Snipp and Mrs T



Things to look out for:
Monday- Book of the week: The book we will be studying in class will be uploaded in full as well as activities that the children can try at home.
Tuesday-Tuneful Tuesday: Where we will find a fun song on YouTube that you can learn at home to also aid their home schooling. 
Wednesday- Wonderful Wednesday: Where we will upload a picture from Tapestry of a child doing some wonderful work at home -Please note that due to Data Protection, your child's face will be obscured by a smiley face:)
Thursday- Thinking Thursday: Where we will upload a question (scientific or mathematical) for you to investigate at home.
Friday- Formation Friday: Where we will find a fun letter/number formation activity that you can try at home.
Also: Phonics Corner, Excellent Exercise Corner, fine motor skills, Whats Cooking?, Calming Corner.

 Please keep uploading all your child's lovely activities to Tapestry as and when you can so that we can all enjoy and be inspired by your creative home learning!  Thank you!


  • Count for 20 seconds as you wash your hands after holding someones hands, after you've been to the toilet, after handling animals and before you eat!
  • Sing happy birthday twice to ensure hands are fully cleaned.
  • Follow the instructions above for guidance.

Here are some great videos to make kids aware of the importance of washing hands and for a gentle explanation to the Coronavirus.

Tom Fletcher's clever way of teaching about germs (you can try this at home!): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WVxMKpLLRoM 

StoryBots how do we catch a cold?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ECPrtjnoCg 

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Book of the week: Here comes the Easter cat by Deborah Underwood

Here is a copy of the book as well as some fun activities to try at home:

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LOTS of great maths activities and games can be found here on the NCETM website:

Maths Activities & Games

Hello everybody!  See below for some fun phonics activities and some links to support learning all your letter sounds, including those special friends, tricky red words and high frequency words.  Keep practicing them as often as you can and don't forget to try and take a photo of your learning and pop it on Tapestry:)

Sound of the week!  This week's sound is another special friend! 

th, th, th (remember to stick your tongue out!  It's not the same as f, f, f!)

Can you remember what sound that makes?  Have a listen to the RWI links below if you're not sure and why not have a go thinking of words that begin with or have 'th' in them?  Can you have a go at writing some down?  We would love to see all your hard work, so don't forget to get your parent/carer to take a quick photo and post your fantastic work on Tapestry:)

Here are a couple of resources to support your 'th' learning - good luck!

 th colour.pdfDownload
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Have a dance to the Shukalaka Shake Song!  Can you listen out for all the rhyming words?

Shukalaka Shake Song

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Welcome to our Excellent

Exercise Corner!

We will be posting regular links here to videos to help you exercise, dance and keep fit!

Have a go at the video below - can you keep up with Betsy and the Body Coach?

See if you can find your favourite Go Noodle dance or song too - have fun:)

Choose your favourite Body Coach workout here:)  Good luck!

Body Coach Workouts

Here we will be posting a fun educational song for you to try at home- film yourself and family members singing/dancing along to it and upload it to Tapestry! 

Look at this fantastic rhyming work that is being done at home from a member of Moonstone class! Great job :)

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Go and like the Facebook page 'Miss Snipp's book worms' to watch Miss Snipp read 'Oh no George!'' by Chris Haughton


Have a browse here where there are lots of eBooks you can choose from:)

Oxford Owl eBooks

Can you tell us about your book?

Perhaps you could draw a picture of your favourite bit and write a simple sentence about it.  See Book Review Template below.

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Welcome to our Calm Corner!  Here we will be putting on some links to mindful activities including yoga and breathing exercises, a little bit like our Chime Time and Zen Den times at school.

Have a go when you can and let us know how you get on :)

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See below for some mindfulness colouring sheets.  It might be nice to colour them in while you listen to your favourite music or a special story:)

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Keep a check on those pencil grips too - have a little read of the rhyme above to help remind you:) There are lots of fun activities you can do at home to help build up your finger and hand muscles and help develop those lovely strong pencil grips! 

For example, have a go at one of the cutting activities or try some finger gym with playdough; if you have some straws at home, try threading some beads or pasta over them, or try stretching elastic bands over different shapes objects - how many can you stretch? 

Let us know how you get on and if you have any other great ideas we can share here:)

Have a go at the finger gym moves below - find a bit of playdough, plasticine, a pom pom or something else you can squeeze and join in!

Practice your cutting skills here:

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Practice your mark making patterns here:

 Gingerbread Man Tracing Patterns.jpgDownload
 Hickory Dickory Dock Patterns.jpgDownload
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Hello everybody!  Here we will be putting up some suggestions for easy and nutritious recipes you can try out at home.  Let us know if you have any good ones too - we'd love to hear about them.

Our first recipe is for a smoothie - see below for some ideas and also a fun activity where you can cut, paste and colour in your own smoothie.

Can you have a go at writing some of the fruits and other ingredients you put in your smoothie - what sounds can you hear?

 Food We Eat Make A Fruit Smoothie.jpgDownload
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Take a look here at the Change4Life website for more delicious recipe ideas and fantastic ideas for getting fit indoors:)

Change4Life website

What season is it at the moment?

What is your favourite season?

Below are a few activities and resources to do with Spring time and all the things that happen during this time of year, including our favourite Seasons of the Year song:)

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