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Art at Wendell Park aims to harness children’s creativity and imaginations, while introducing them to a wide variety of media and skills that are developed as they move through the school. The main curriculum areas covered explicitly are: drawing, painting, sculpture, printing, craft (including collage and textiles) and digital art. These skills are applied in the context of other subjects in order to enhance and complement the learning being done.  Supplementary practical techniques are often introduced through extra-curricular clubs, workshops and of course in our annual Arts Week


As well as focussing on specific making skills, Art at Wendell Park also aims to develop the ability to plan, explore and evaluate.  Through experiencing all stages of the artistic process, children become more purposeful and reflective artists in control of their own learning. The exploration and appreciation of art history is a common vein throughout all topics, and a love of great artists and craftspeople is encouraged. 


We pride ourselves in using art to help build cultural capital - many of our projects involve trips and inspire deeper thinking about the world around us and the children’s identity within it.


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Arts Week

Each year the whole school works collaboratively on a theme creating unique and individual art pieces. Past themes have been broad and varied and have included the World Cup, the Amazon Rainforest and recycling. To celebrate the children's artistic endeavours and to showcase their artwork the whole school participates in a bright, exhilarating carnival in the park for all parents to attend. The work is then displayed and celebrated in a colourful and visually stimulating school art exhibition.

Visiting artists are often called upon to share their skills and expertise to assist with the creation of stunning art pieces.