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At Wendell Park, we firmly believe that an excellent English curriculum should develop children's love of reading and writing.



  • Children enjoy dedicated story time each day.  We believe that it is crucial for children to be read to regularly in order to build their vocabulary and develop understanding. Each year group has a list of recommended reads, all of which have been carefully selected to engage children and build on previous knowledge.
  • We are extremely fortunate to have a well-stocked library with a wide selection of fiction and non-fiction books for children to read and borrow to take home.  All children visit the library each week with their class.  These sessions allow children to partake in 'book talk', select a new reading book and take on guidance from their teachers with regard to their next reading choice.  The School Library is open for 'Library Club' after school each week when children and their parents can take advantage of the facility.
  • Time is set aside for 'reading for pleasure' in all classrooms.
  • We run a 'Reading Buddy' scheme where our older readers spend time each week reading with younger children.  This helps to increase confidence and collaboration as well as promoting children's enjoyment of reading.
  • Children work through our school reading scheme - these are levelled books which match the children's current attainment.  We expect our families to read these books at home with their child each evening and to make comments in their child's reading record.
  • As well as the well-stocked school library, each classroom contains books which relate to the Geography, History, Science and Religious Education topics being undertaken in the class at the time, thus giving children the chance to apply their reading skills across the curriculum.  All classes have copies of 'First News' giving children opportunities to read and discuss issues affecting the wider world.


By the end of their time at Wendell Park, children are proficient readers who have a love of reading across genres and are able to make informed choices about the materials they select to read.  Supplementary to our wider curriculum (P4C, PSHE etc.), children are also encouraged to regularly partake in discussions about books including evaluating an author's use of language and the impact this can have on the reader. 



At Wendell Park we also endeavour to nurture a love for writing.  We want to equip all children with the skills of a writer who:

  • considers the impact their writing has on the reader and knows how to achieve this;
  • is able to write fluently and with an authors' voice;
  • possesses a wide range of vocabulary in order to improve the level of sophistication of their writing;
  • uses a variety of sentence structures and is able to adapt these according to the genre at hand;
  • ensures their writing is well presented, punctuated and with accurate spellings;
  • constantly reflects upon their writing; proof-reading, editing and improving it so that there is a demonstrable progress from one piece to the next.


Children hone their writing skills by exploring a range of existing models of excellence (WAGOLLs - What A Good One Looks Like) and carefully analysing them to guide the drafting and editing process.  We believe that high standards are of paramount importance and we encourage children to utilise the skills they have learned in their writing lessons right across the curriculum.


Our English lessons are formed around the 'Power of Reading' where a class text is used for the whole of a half term.  All discussions and writing opportunities come from the use of this text.  The texts are well chosen to support the language development of all children and to support their enjoyment of looking at text, reading and discussing the themes brought out. 


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