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Geography is about understanding the world around us.

At Wendell Park, we aim to inspire in children curiosity and fascination about the world and its people that will remain with them for the rest of their lives.

Geography is broadly divided into teaching 4 sets of skills and knowledge:

Geographical skills: field work, using maps, atlases and co ordinates etc.
Location knowledge: knowledge of where continents, countries and cities are.
Place knowledge: understanding of particular areas of study, cxomparing them to other places
Human & physical geography: using correct vocabulary and describing features of places, for example of villages , mountains, biomes, etc

Key Stage 1
Children will learn to:

  • develop knowledge about the world, the united kingdom and their locality;
  • understand vocabulary relating to geography (eg. beach, cliff, forest, hill, farm, city, etc)
  • begin to use geograpgical skills such as using maps and compass directions.

Key Stage 2
Children build on their knowledge from keystage 1and learn to:

  • deepen their understanding of places through focused studies of areas in the United Kingdom; Europe and North and South America;
  • locate places on maps and in the world;
  • understand characteristics of a range of the worls's most significant human and physical features;
  • continue to develop their geographical skills;
  • extend their knowledge of vocabulary anmd features.

At Wendell Park, Geography is taught in a cross- curricular way: Geography lessons teach children key geographical skills and vocabulary while English lessons tie in with children's topic, which reinforces their learning and gives a purpose to their writing. Statistics and directions in Maths as well as enviromental aspects of Science also tie in with Geography, allowing children to apply their knowledge from other areas of study.