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At Wendell Park Primary School, our children are compassionate to the environment, curious about the world and the people who live here and are proactive in seeking answers to questions and enquiries.

  • Children are equipped with knowledge about places and people, resources in the environment and have an understanding of the interaction between physical and human processes that have shaped our landscape and environment.
  • Children have the opportunity to investigate and make enquiries about our local area of Hammersmith and Fulham, and the wider London area, so they understand what life is life for them and what makes the local area unique.
  • Children are inquisitive about people and places beyond our local area and are able to compare and contrast different ways of life.
  • Children communicate their learning in a variety of ways including sketch maps with a key, diagrams, tables, graphs and writing.


By the end of their time at Wendell Park, children think like Geographers by:

  • Having an excellent knowledge of where places are and what they are like, both in Britain and the wider world.
  • Understanding the processes that give rise to key physical and human geographical features of the world; how these are interdependent and how they bring change over time.
  • Being able to collect, analyse and communicate with a range of data gathered through experiences of fieldwork that deepen their understanding of geographical processes.
  • Have excellent fieldwork skills and are able to interpret a range of sources of geographical information including maps, diagrams, globes, aerial photographs and Geographical Information Systems (GIS).
  • Asking questions, reaching conclusions, explaining their findings and expressing well-balanced opinions about current issues in society and the environment.
  • Being proud of the areas that they come from and identify with whilst being curious about the world around them.
  • Using geographical knowledge and vocabulary to explain processes and connections between places.


Please click here to see the Geography Curriculum Overview for Wendell Park from Year 1 to Year 6.

Please click here for further information about the National Curriculum Geography programme of study.