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At Wendell Park, our History curriculum enables children to ask questions, think critically and develop their own perspectives and judgement whilst showing compassion to the diversity of societies and to their own identity.

  • We inspire curiosity whilst captivating children's interests in Britain's past and that of the wider world.  Children are equipped with knowledge about the history of Britain; how it has influenced and been influenced by the wider world.
  • Periods of history are taught in chronological order in Key Stage 2 which enables children to develop their understanding of the impact of events before the time period and the influence on what came next.
  • Children recognise and understand significant events and aspects of history in addition two the changes in living memory and beyond.
  • Through historical enquiry, children learn about significant individuals and understand the influence they had at the time and continue to have today. 
  • Children ask and answer a variety of questions drawing on their knowledge of historical facts and concepts to give evidence in their answers.
  • To build on the knowledge and skills gained through their lessons, and for our pupils to relish and love learning about History, we make the most of the opportunities on our doorstep.  Through fieldwork and educational visits, children deepen their understanding of who and what has shaped our world today.


By the end of their time at Wendell Park, children think like historians through:

  • Having a secure knowledge and understanding through a chronological narrative - from the earliest times to the present day including how people's lives have shaped the British nation and how Britain has influenced, and been influenced by, the wider world.
  • Understand why changes in the past are significant and why some may be more important than others.
  • Make comparisons and connections between different periods whilst explaining the similarities and differences.
  • Work with others to debate, discuss and evaluate the past through lines of enquiry.
  • Rise to challenging questions and activities, including homework projects, and be inspired to complete their own research.
  • Respect the views of others and use a range of historical sources to support and challenge their own view as well as the views of others.
  • Ask questions about the past including how and why people interpret the past in different ways.
  • Understand and discuss different historical concepts which thread through different periods of history.
  • Create their own structured answers and accounts, as well as presenting their ideas with confidence.


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