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Philosophy for Children

Philosophy for Children (P4C) helps children to develop into defective critical and creative thinkers and to take responsibility for their own learning in a caring and collaborative way. This is done by providing practical ways of developing good thinking, questioning and communications skills.

A study for the education Endowment Foundation, featured on the BBC, found that weekly philosophy sessions in class can boost primary school pupils ability in maths and literacy.

During regular P4C sessions, children and their teacher share a stimulus, for example a story, film clip, picture, they can take thinking time to devise their own questions and together the class chooses one question to enquire into further. Children’s questions and thinking in P4C are celebrated on display boards in each classroom.

With experience, children’s questions get deeper and more thoughtful. The children’s discussions become more disciplined and focused yet, at the same time, more imaginative. The approach not only helps to develop creative and critical thinking skills but also encourages children to care more about what others say and develop the ability to recognise differences and explore these collaboratively.