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At Wendell Park we know how important good quality science teaching is. Future doctors, engineers researchers, inventors and more are coming to our school. Children are naturally very curious and inquisitive and our science curriculum is delivered in an interesting, stimulating and exciting. At Wendell Park science is taught using a cross curricular approach to not only develop the children's specific scientific knowledge but also to allow children to think creatively and critically about a topic.

Children are provided with opportunities to develop scientific knowledge and concepts of understanding develop an understanding of the nature, processes and methods of science different types of science enquiries.

Programme of Study

Key Stage 1 - plants, animals including humans, every day materials, seasonal changes, living things and their habits.
Lower Key Stage 2 -  plants, animals including humans, rocks, light, forces and magnets, living things and their habits, states of matter, sound, electricity.
Upper Key Stage 2 - living things and their habitats, animals including humans, properties and changes of materials, bass, forces, evolution, night, electricityWe dedicate a whole week to scientific learning at Wendell Park. During this week learning in English, maths, history, geography, art and computer science at its root. This week allows children to delve into an area of study in more detail can choose what to research, researching independently, creating presentations and teaching their peers about what they have learned. In the past children have taken part in a class swap to investigate and experiment with children from another year group, presented an experiment to their peers and science fair and participated in science workshops from external providers.Children are equipped with a scientific knowledge required to understand the uses and implications of science, today and for the future.