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Please click below to view all the school policies; these are also available at the the school office.

Accessibility Plan (updated 22.01.21)

Anti-Bullying Policy (updated Autumn 2020)

Anti-Bullying Statement (updated 30.03.17)

Attendance Policy (updated 20.12.18)

Attendance Letter (updated 20.12.18)

Behaviour Policy (updated 22.11.19)

Annex 1 Covid 19 Behaviour Policy  (updated Autumn 2020)

Behaviour Policy - Early Years (updated 12.3.18)

Positive Behaviour Policy (updated Autumn 2020)

Charging Policy (updated 17.12.20)

Children with health needs who cannot attend school policy (updated 22.01.21)

Complaints Policy (updated 06.10.20)

Complaints Policy - Managing Serial and Unreasonable Complaints (updated 06.10.20)

Data Protection Policy (updated 22.01.21)

 Disability Equality Scheme

Early Years Foundation Stage Policy (updated 04.09.21)

Equality Policy (updated 19.12.16)

E-Safety Policy

Exclusion Policy (updated Autumn 2020)

Food Policy (updated 30.03.17)

Health & Safety Policy (updated 02.2020)

Home-School Agreement

Home-School Agreement COVID 19 (updated Autumn 20)

Looked After & Previously Looked After Children Policy (updated 22.01.21)

Most Able (updated 18.06.19)

Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education Policy

Public Sector Equality Duty Statement 

Relationships and Health Education Policy (updated 28.04.21)

Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy (updated 26.08.21)

Annex 1 Covid-19 Safeguarding & Child Protection (updated 27.04.20)

SEND Policy (updated 09.12.20)

SMSC Policy, SMSC Statement, Appendix 1 (cultural development), Appendix 2 (moral development), Appendix 3 (social development)Appendix 4 (cultural development)  (updated 19.12.16)

Supporting pupils at school with Medical Conditions Policy (updated 22.01.21)

Teaching and Learning Policy

Volunteer Policy 

Whistle Blowing Policy (updated 10.03.21)