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The governors' job is to ensure that all children at Wendell Park receive the best education possible. They set the strategic direction for the school, overseeing the school budget to make sure money is well spent and by monitoring and evaluating the school's performance. 

The Governing Body


Wendell Park currently has ten governors who, between them, represent the Local Education Authority (Hammersmith and Fulham), parents and carers, the staff of the school (teaching and non-teaching) and the local community. The full governing board meet at least once each term.

If you would like to find out more about the work we do and feel you have skills or experience that could assist the governing body in carrying out its duties, or if you’d like to contact a governor for any other reason, please contact us at:wendellparkgovernors@hotmail.com or via the School Office.

And if you want to help in other ways the Friends of Wendell Park Parent Teacher Association (PTA) which focuses on organising events and fundraising,

So please get involved – your school needs YOU!

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The Governing Board's Role

The role of the governing body is:

  • to influence any long-term goals and vision for the school
  • set aims and objectives for the school
  • set policies for achieving those aims and objectives
  • set targets by which progress towards those aims and objectives can be measured
  • review and monitor progress in achieving the aims and objectives
  • work with the headteacher to ensure that teaching is effective and of good quality and that children achieve the highest possible standards
  • take general responsibility for the school and its budget
  • act as “critical friend” to the school and headteacher, offering support, advice, a second opinion and help, and also challenging, asking questions and offering constructive feedback
  • promote the interests of the school and its pupils in the community

What do individual Governors actually do?

Governors attend a meeting of the full governing body at least once per term.

In addition, governors sit on at least one committee. Committees also meet at least once per term.

At Wendell Park School, our two committees are the Resources and Curriculum, Achievement and School Community Committee.

Governors often make visits to the school, attend school events and may accompany staff and pupils on outings

Governors assist the headteacher in appointing staff. Governors take the lead in appointing the headteacher

Governors attend training courses to develop their effectiveness in the role


Please click here for the 2020-2021 Governor Action Plan

The Governing Body 2020-2021

To view the Committee structure, terms of reference and schemes of delegation document for 2019-2020, please click here 

To view the Governor Meeting Attendance: please click here

Rebekah Wilson - Co-opted Governor

Chair of the Governing Board

Date appointed: 02.02.21

Term of office: 4 years 

I joined Wendell Park’s governing body in February 2017. I have lived in Shepherd’s Bush since 2007 and have two children at the school. I work in the research team at the Local Government Association, where I collect and analyse data relating to a range of public services and policy issues, including help and support for children, young people and their families. I previously worked as a researcher at the National Foundation for Educational Research and also Coram, a charity working with vulnerable children. I have a MA in the Sociology of Education from the Institute of Education and a PhD in Gender from the London School of Economics.

Register of Business Interests for School Governors (Rebekah Wilson)

updated 05/03/21

Julian Hillman - Local Authority Governor 

Vice Chair of the Governing Board

Date appointed: 07.07.2014
Term of office: 4 years (renewed until 06.07.22) 

I have worked in various forms of social work for 40 years and I retired from my last job with Mencap in 2012. I have been a member of the local Council and have lived in Hammersmith since 1978.  I sit on the board of various local charities.  I have two grandchildren in the school.

Register of Business Interests for School Governors (Julian Hillman)
updated 07/09/20

Andrew Fawcett - Co-opted Governor 
Chair of The Resources Committee
Date appointed 11.06.15
Term of office: 4 years (renewed until 10.06.23)

I joined the Governing Body in June 2015, and chair the Resources Committee.  I have lived in the area for the last 20 years, and have a strong connection to the local area. I have 2 children and have worked with children at Richmond Hockey Club for the last 10 years as a coach and as treasurer for the junior club.  I have worked in education for the past 8 years at Pearson Eduction and now at INTO University Partnerships - a company that helps international students access University education in the UK and the UK - and I bring to the governing board my financial and educational skills & knowledge.

Register of Business Interests for School Governors (Andy Fawcett)
updated 07/09/20

Madga Wood - Co-opted Governor

Chair of the Curriculum, Achievements and School Community Committee

I chair the Curriculum, Achievements and School Community Committee and take a special interest in the breadth of the curriculum and rich learning experiences it provides for all children at Wendell Park School. I have worked in education for twenty years, creating digital products and classroom resources. My current role is Chief of Learning at the Micro:bit Educational Foundation, where we promote the importance of digital skills and computational thinking in children's education around the world. I'm a local resident near to Wendell Park School and very happy to contribute to the community as a school governor. 

Date appointed: 26.03.19

Term of office: 4 years

updated 08/03/21

Karen Carberry - Co-opted Governor

Date appointed: 25.11.20

Term of office: 4 years

I am a Consultant Family Therapist for Orri - Intensive Day Treatment for Eating Disorders in London, and also Clinical Supervisor of Hope Bereavement Service in Leeds. I have an extensive background in delivering mental health services to children in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services, and their families. I have also managed family support services in partnership with schools, and have worked as a school counsellor. 

I am the Link Governor in the area of  'personal development, behaviour and welfare’ and sit on the Curriculum, Achievements & School Community Committee.    

Register of Business Interests for School Governors (Karen Carberry)

updated 04/03/21


Laurence Beard
Date appointed 29.06.17
Term of office: 4 years (renewed until 28.06.25) 

I have lived in west London for 30 years and have two school age children.  I have spent my career investing into companies for pension funds. This involves analysing how organisations are governed, their short and long term plans, and how successful they are in meeting their targets.  I try to bring this perspective to the Board's discussions.  I was asked to join the Board of Governors as a co-opted governor in 2017 and my role includes being part of the Resources committee.

updated 29/06/21

Ifrah Elmi - Associate Member of Governing Body
Date appointed 25.06.15
Term of office: 1 year (renewed until 24.06.21)

Register of Business Interests for School Governors (Ifrah Elmi)
updated  01/12/20

Francesca Cairns - Staff Governor 
Date appointed 17.11.2020
Term of office: 4 years

I started work at Wendell Park in September 2019 as the whole school French teacher.  I have taught in a number of primary schools in the Borough (and also in Hampshire), as a class teacher and originally as a SENCO support.  I have lived in Hammersmith for the last 30 years with my husband and four sons, with six years spent in Brazil (I also speak Portuguese) and France.  I am passionate about giving each and every child the chance to succeed to the very best of their abilities and have found the Wendell Park school community to be a very special one. 

Register of Business Interests for School Governors (Francesca Cairns)

updated 09/03/21

Julie Howarth - Executive Headteacher 
Date appointed 01.09.2014
Term of office: ongoing

Register of Business Interests for School Governors (Julie Howarth)

updated 07/09/20

Carole Bouldy-Cullerier - Parent Governor
Date appointed 09.03.2021
Term of office: 4 years


updated 10/03/21

Tom Conlon - Parent Governor
Date appointed 09.03.2021
Term of office: 4 years


Register of Business Interests for School Governors (Tom Conlon) 

updated 10/03/21

Governor Changes from 2019/2020 and 2020/2021

03 12 19 Charlotte Tisdall elected as Vice-Chair

28 01 20 Mairi Brewis stepped down as a Foundation governor

31 03 20 Charlotte Tisdall stepped down as a co-opted governor

01 04 20 Rebekah Wilson elected as Vice-Chair 

02 10 20 Fatiha Mazri resigned as parent governor

08 11 20 Nick Morgan's term of office as staff governor ended

17 11 20 Francesca Cairns elected as staff governor

24 11 20 Karen Carberry appointed as co-opted governor

24 11 20 Rebekah Wilson elected as chair of governors

24 11 20 Julian Hillman elected as vice-chair of governors

24 11 20 It was agreed that Rebekah Wilson will be appointed as a co-opted governor when her term as parent governor ends (Feb 2021)

03 05 21 Caroline Moore's term of office came to an end

Last updated 05/05/2021

Rebecca Dale - Parent Governor
Date appointed 09.03.2021
Term of office: 4 years

updated 10/03/21