Wendell Park Primary School

Welcome to our school

Cobbold Road, London, W12 9LB

020 8743 1372


Staff Team 2019/2020



Julie Howarth - Executive Headteacher of Wendell Park Primary School and Kenmont Primary School

Designated Child Protection & Safeguarding Officer 


Rosie Peters - Deputy Headteacher

Designated Child Protection & Safeguarding Officer, Early Years and Aspire2Shine Leader


Elena Hough - Deputy Headteacher

Designated Child Protection & Safeguarding Officer, Curriculum, Communication and Assessment

Data Protection Officer

Youth Mental Health First Aider



Key Stage 2

Key Stage 2 Leaders: Chloe Harman (Year 5) and ayan yusuf (year 6) 

Year 6 Staff:

Jemma Johnson 

Assistant Headteacher (Teaching & Learning)

On Maternity Leave from 16th September 2019

Charlotte Fairclough - Year 6 Amethyst Class Teacher

Enrichment, Art and Design & Technology Lead

ayan yusuf - Year 6 ruby class teacher

Maths and Year 4/6 Lead

megan brandes - year 6 learning support assistant

Year 5 Staff:

Chloe Harman - Year 5 amber Class Teacher

Science and Year 3/5 Lead

penny cottee - Year 5 turquoise Class Teacher


carol eavis - Year 5/6 teaching assistant 
kim sweeney - year 5 teaching assistant, Lead First Aider and ELSA



abi spurway - year 5 teaching assistant


Year 4 Staff:

Hayley Douglas - Year 4 Garnet Class Teacher

PE and Sports Lead

Nick Morgan - Year 4 graphite Class Teacher

English Lead

jillian atkin - year 4 teaching assistant
Ewelina  dos santos - Year 3/4 Teaching assistant


Katie Martin - Year 3 Jet Class Teacher

History and Geography Lead

Meg stewart - Year 3 pearl Class Teacher
Rachida Terzi - Year 3/4 teaching Assistant 
tejia henrie - Year 3 teaching Assistant
ruby aitken - year 3 teaching assistant

Key Stage 1

Key Stage 1 Leader: Martina Sladkova 

Year 2 Staff:

Martina Sladkova - Year 2 Sapphire Class Teacher

Key Stage 1 and Computing Lead 

Rosina Permaul - Year 2 opal Class Teacher

Music and Foreign Languages Lead 

Lynda Ayoub - Year 2 Teaching Assistant


Year 1 Staff:

Jessica Overson - Year 1 Aquamarine Class Teacher

Phonics Lead


Caroline Keigan - Year 1 Paua Class Teacher

RE and School Travel Plan Lead

Julie Stapleton - Year 1 Aquamarine Class Teaching Assistant and lead first aider
Tina Batchelor - Year 1 Paua Class Teaching Assistant and elsa



Early Years

Early Years Leader: Rosie peters

Reception Staff:


Louisa Trandafilovski - Reception Moonstone Class Teacher (Mondays to Thursdays)

PSHE and Healthy Schools Lead

Youth Mental Health First Aider

Rizvi Malique - Reception Moonstone Class Teacher (Thursdays and Fridays)
megan snipp - Reception diamond Class Teacher
Ida Afrifa - Reception Diamond Teaching Assistant 
Hajiba Elazoua - Reception Moonstone Teaching Assistant
reece laville - reception diamond teaching assistant (mornings)
aleksandra stawska - reception diamond teaching assistant (afternoons)
 - reception moonstone teaching assistant

Nursery Staff:

Amelia jessel- Nursery Teacher


Caroline McCarthy - Nursery Early Years Educator
Jackie Smith - Nursery Early Years Educator
Chanel Bailey - Nursery Early Years Educator
marian turay - nursery teaching assistant
aleksandra stawska - nursery teaching assistant (mornings)



Specialist Teaching Provision

Josie Quested - Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator 

Lead First Aider and Youth Mental Health First Aider

michael reichstein - Year 1 and 2 Learning support teacher
daniel katon - year 3 and 4 learning support teacher
henry mensah - year 5 learning support teacher
matthew williams - year 6 learning support teacher
Anna cattell- Music Teacher (mondays, tuesdays and wednesdays)
 richard ajayi  - PE Coach 
francesca cairns - french teacher (Wednesdays and thursdays)


School Office

Barbara Williams - School Business Manager
Sandra Griffin - Administrative Officer
Amy O'Callaghan - Administrative Assistant
Tony Bailey - Site Manager

Mid-day Meals Supervisors:

Kim Sweeney, Tina Batchelor, Julie Stapleton, Carol Eavis, Julie Francis, Somia Ahmed, Marian Turay, Ida Afrifa, Reece Laville

Out of School Childcare

Roz Thompson - Manager
Playworkers - Julia Fry, Anne Byrne, Reece Laville

Wendell Park Family Centre

Julie Francis